I'm building Apollo Academic Surveys, a non-profit whose mission is to aggregate the views of academic experts, making them freely available to everyone.

Apollo is modeled after the Chicago IGM poll of economists... but for all academic fields. In the long run, the project will serve as a platform for academics and non-academics – including effective altruists – to ask questions and receive expert answers on critical policy matters.

We're already working with a couple academic groups to build the initial batch of surveys, but we're looking to partner with more academics in other fields. Financial support may be available.

Some concrete things you can do to help:

  • If you are faculty and can help design and distribute a survey for your field, please reach out to me at chris.said@gmail.com. We're especially interested in faculty who lead or are connected to small academic societies. Commitment can be one-off or recurring. You can use this opportunity to answer questions you've been wondering about yourself, while making a positive contribution to public understanding of your field!
  • If you are a grad student or post-doc, the two most useful things you could do are (1) help construct survey questions or (2) reach out to faculty who might be interested in distributing questions, which could include sharing a link to Apollo on an academic mailing list. At least for our initial batch of questions, we're focusing on getting faculty to distribute the questions, since they are likely to have a higher hit rate. That said, if you think you can reach a decent sample size on your own, we'd be interested in hearing more.





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Did you get FTX/other funding for this?

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