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  1. Healthy habits can be good for your wellbeing and productivity, in the short- and long-term
  2. Establishing healthy habits is especially hard under conditions of scarcity: time, energy, bandwidth
  3. It’s worth putting in effort to establish health habits during the good times

I keep daily yoga and meditation practices, one in the morning and one during the day, and I keep them during busy and stressful periods. I don’t think I would have started or maintained either (or habits related to sleep, food, phone) if I hadn’t entrenched them as fixtures of my routine when I was living an easier life.

This is not an argument for specific habits. Compiling the evidence behind and my experience of my preferred habits would require more scarce time than I currently have. And in any case, I don’t think I’ve found the Correct Combination for myself, let alone anybody else.

It is an argument for acting now, beginning to solidify whatever your preferred habits might be, before you come to really depend on them.