Informative to know where donations are currently going. Most common categories:
31 Domestic Needs
26 International Needs
12 Health
10 Medical




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Thanks for sharing! As for the dozen or so food banks on the list, it's probably worth noting that the bulk of their incoming donations are food products -- e.g., meat and other stuff that is about to expire. Other organizations aren't set up to do anything with those particular donations. So those entries should not be taken at face value as evidence of general popularity among donors.

I didn't have much time but was interested in what the "International Needs" charities on the list actually do (thanks for sharing this link!), so I asked ChatGPT to describe the top 10 "International Needs" charities from the list (of 26 total in the category). I'm pasting the result below in case anyone is interested. 

(Also according to ChatGPT, these can be grouped into the following categories: humanitarian aid and disaster relief (3), housing/infrastructure (1), poverty/economic development (3), health and medicine (2), donated goods and materials (1).)

The "health" charities seem to mostly be charities that work on eradicating certain diseases/conditions or supporting people with them (like the American Cancer Society). "Medical" includes St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Mayo Clinic, and other hospitals and institutes. "Domestic Needs" includes Feeding America, United Way Worldwide, Salvation Army, etc. 

Other categories include "Youth" — e.g. YMCA of the USA, Environment/Animal — e.g. Nature Conservancy, "Education."

10/26 "international needs" charities (described by ChatGPT):

Important disclaimer: I haven't checked these descriptions.

  1. Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization that provides medical assistance to people affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest.
  2. Good 360 is a nonprofit organization that helps other nonprofits and schools by providing them with donated goods and materials.
  3. Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit organization that builds and repairs homes for people in need.
  4. AmeriCares is a disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization that provides medical assistance and aid to people affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest.
  5. Compassion International is a Christian organization that provides assistance to children living in poverty, including education and healthcare support.
  6. World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization that helps children and families in need around the world through programs like education, clean water, and economic development.
  7. Food for the Poor is a Christian organization that provides food, shelter, and other assistance to people living in poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America.
  8. MAP International is a Christian global health organization that provides medicine and health supplies to people in need around the world.
  9. Task Force for Global Health is a nonprofit organization that works to improve health and well-being for people in low- and middle-income countries through programs in disease control, health systems strengthening and health workforce development.
  10. Doctors without Borders USA is an international humanitarian medical organization that provides aid in areas affected by war, natural disasters, and disease.
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