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With a lot of academics, journalists, and other users migrating from Twitter to the federated microblogging platform Mastodon, I'm wondering if anyone in the EA and rationalist communities has a Mastodon account. Let's follow each other and build a thriving EA Mastodon community!




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I'm @luggage@benehomini.social, the admin of the benehomini.social instance. Feel free to create an account there if you don't have anywhere else in mind. It's not a full-blown, EA-only instance, but I consider EA part of the scope of the instance. 

I'd be pretty interested in an EA instance. If it were to happen then I guess it should happen soon, since it looks like a significant fraction of new accounts will be created in the next few weeks. Does anyone have expertise with this? I'd probably be able to provide some support in setting it up, but don't currently have the time to lead on doing this.

FWIW - running an instance requires a lot of resources (operator time, care/feeding of services, moderation); I'd encourage only going down that route if enough folks are lined up to help run it!

There are already a few EA-themed instances. I chose not to join one because I didn't want to create an alt account or leave mine, so I created a group for people who want the flexibility.

@karthik@econtwitter.net would love to see an EA instance :)

I crosspost there: https://econtwitter.net/web/@nathanpmyoung

My friend Micha, president of EA RIT, recently made an account (@botahamec@mas.to).

FYI, this creates an email link. The convention is to put @ in front of Mastodon addresses

Devin Kalish
Got it, should be fixed now

There is the server schelling.pt which inherits more from the postrat/tpot/tcot community on twitter, but which I've been the main poster on (not admin of) for the last year and a half. It's the schelling point!

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