I’m excited to share with you a crucial opportunity in the field of voting reform.

We're on the brink of launching a major statewide campaign for approval voting, and we need your help to make this a reality. This system, where voters can select all candidates they approve of, promises to fundamentally improve U.S. elections. We're less than $1M away from making this happen on the state level, where it will impact federal elections. The state itself is not yet public. It’s hard to overstate the importance of this in a time where our government has so much responsibility and yet our election system for who runs it appears in shambles. Here’s an early quote from one section in the book I’ve drafted so far: "It would be strange if our two most qualified candidates for president of the United States happened to be two men who were both aged about the same as the U.S. life expectancy."

Simultaneously, I'm working on a book aimed at demystifying voting methods, with a focus on approval voting. This isn't just an academic exercise; the goal is to make this knowledge accessible to everyone—from policymakers to everyday voters. The book will cover the nuances of different voting systems, their impact, and real-world applications. Anyone who has looked into voting methods recognizes how counterintuitive it is. I’d love to cut years off others’ learning curve so that we can make more critical progress.

Your support can make a tangible difference:

  • For the Initiative: Your significant support can help bring this game-changing campaign to life. We're looking for contributions that can make a real difference in shaping our voting systems.
  • For the Book: Supporting this project means contributing to a pivotal educational resource that will empower advocates and voters alike. Contributors of $10K and above will be acknowledged in the book, marking their commitment to democratic reform. This project is just over a third of the way funded.

This has both medium and potential long-term impact. By joining us, you’re helping set the stage for a critical shift in our democratic process.

Feel free to message me for info on giving to the 501(c)4 running the campaign. I can also connect you on the support for the book project which is hosted by Show Me Integrity Education Fund and is tax deductible.

For updates on the book, feel free to check out aaronhamlin.com.

Looking forward to others joining in this key moment.





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