Linked here is founder and CEO of BOAS's  Vincent van der Holst's inspiring TEDx Talk on the revolutionary concept of Profit for Good. Vincent challenges us with a simple yet powerful idea: we can save the world by doing nothing differently in our daily lives. By purchasing from businesses that direct the vast majority of their profits to effective charities, we can contribute to causes that promote justice and well-being without any additional cost.

Vincent highlights how critical access to capital is for expanding businesses and how much more could be achieved if Profit for Good businesses (PFGs) had access to such resources. This innovative model not only amplifies the impact of our everyday purchases but also can leverage the vast potential of the consumer economy to generate trillions for effective charities.

By choosing to buy from PFGs, like the vintage denim store BOAS, where 90% of profits go to The Life You Can Save-endorsed charities, we can make a significant difference. For instance, consider purchasing vintage jeans from BOAS, knowing that your money is directly supporting life-saving interventions and transformative global health initiatives.

Please watch the TEDx. If you like it (or not), please like, share, and comment.




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Thanks for sharing it Brad, and I invite everyone to debate this in the comments. 

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