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Arguably the most important factor in being happy and impactful is one’s social connections. Anxiety makes them harder to form and maintain. Graded exposure is the gold-standard treatment. We're offering it for free to all EAs. Here’s how it works:

  1. Arrange a chat with one of our head coaches. They'll help you figure out if this is right for you and, if so, pair you up with a suitable coach.
  2. Meet with your coach (can be via email/text initially). Explain your situation. 
  3. Construct a hierarchy of fear (see below for an example)

    Assessment and Treatment of Social Phobia | Semantic Scholar
  4. We'll help you work through the tasks, teaching you relevant skills along the way. 
  5. By approaching rather than avoiding anxiety-provoking tasks, you break the loop that perpetuates social anxiety.
    Anxiety – reversing the vicious cycle

Meta-analyses suggest you can get an effect size of ~1.0 with this approach. It takes two to three months of weekly sessions, each around 45 minutes long.

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Questions You're Too Socially Anxious to Ask

  • Why is it free?
    • We're a charity, and our coaches are either donor-funded or volunteers
  • What evidence is there that you can execute?
    • We've seen 100+ EAs over the past 9 months or so with a wide range of different issues. Our start-to-end retention is ~70%  (50% is considered good), and feedback has been unanimously positive.
  • I don't want other EAs to find out I do this. How can you ensure anonymity? 
    • I'm the only EA who'll see that you've signed up. Our coaches aren't themselves effective altruists. Only your coach will have access to notes about your session. You're free to use a fake name and alias email if you'd like.. 
  • What if I don't like my coach?
    • Email me and I'll assign you a new one (john at overcome dot org dot uk)
  • What if I'm done early or I need more sessions?
    • If early, great! You won't be pressured to keep attending.
    • If you need more, we'll consider extending it for free. Otherwise, it'd be $40 per session. Historically, 90% of people have found the free sessions adequate to address the problem they came to us with.
  • I'm too anxious to talk via video. Are there any other options?
    • Yes. We can also do email, texting, or voice-only.
    • We'd expect you to progress from email/texting towards being comfortable with video calls as the program goes on.
  • What if I sign up and someone who needs it more is thus denied a place?
    • It’s unlikely. We prioritise based on need & likelihood of success.
  • Don't you usually focus on LMICs? Why are you offering services for EAs? 
    • It costs me nothing to use my coaches' spare capacity on services for EAs. So long as I have spare capacity, I'll offer it to EAs.

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