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I've seen quite a few (assumably pretty online) people ask for anonymous feedback via this website

I'd be interested to learn from people that use admonymous.co whether;

1. They actually get feedback
2. Whether it is useful feedback

I send a message to the top 40 people I interact with every six months asking for feedback on (anonymously);

1. What is one thing I should stop doing, or do less of?
2. What is one thing I should start doing, or do more of?

I am wondering if getting feedback from people I don't know well is worth it, considering the effort I'm already making.




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I have gotten feedback on my admonymous a total of 7 times, in the ~year that I've had it.

I haven't really properly solicited that feedback at any point, just had it passively linked on my social media & Slack profile.

I'd say none of those 7 feedback items were really really useful, but they were mostly a bit useful, and often made me feel happy/good to know.

Awesome, would you mind providing an example or hypothetical of the type of feedback?

Two generically positive compliments (e.g. 'You're cool!' (not a real example)) A couple of items where someone I work with felt the form was the best medium by which to give some work-related feedback — they did actually de-anonymise, but it gave them a place to put their feedback which was a) accessible to nobody else and b) unobtrusive & didn't immediately prompt a conversation. One person said words to the effect 'I thought you did a good job at [x public event where they saw me]' One person commented on my social presence, in a slightly off-beat way that I think would have been hard/unlikely to say in person. One person commented on someone I follow on Twitter.
yanni kyriacos
thx! Based on your experience it seems like it is worth setting up, even if not hugely impactful.
Relatable content
yanni kyriacos
@OllieBase speaking of relatable, the boys are back 

Very similar for me!

yanni kyriacos
Good to know :) would you mind providing an example or hypothetical of the type of feedback?

I think I've never gotten real feedback! It's possible I'm not promoting it often enough/not making specific requests of people, so people don't know it's an option.

I've had admonynous for ages, my guess would be 2018-2020, but I've only had 2 submissions so far. One was recently, because I mentioned it in my recent fundraising post. This was actually useful feedback. I felt slightly frustrated because I wanted to refute some points, but I believe it's best to just let it be. This post does inspire me to promote/highlight it more.

Thanks for the feedback Jeroen!

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You should also tell us how well you feel your experiment with explicitly asking a large group for feedback is going! This seems like a much more interesting approach than just having the form available somewhere, which in my experience results in very little input. 

Yeah I might do that. It's been a great experience.

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