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CEA has launched the EA Groups Resource Centre - a website with curated resources on how people can start and run a successful effective altruism group.

Whether you’re starting or running a city, university, or other type of EA group, we think you can find resources that can help you in the Resource Centre. Check it out now at resources.eagroups.org!

Marisa Jurczyk, Jessica McCurdy, Catherine Low, and I, with the help of some volunteers[1], have transferred over the resources for group organisers that were originally on the EA Hub. (The list of all EA groups is still on the EA Hub though.) We’ve also condensed and updated some of the pages, as well as added new pages to the Resource Centre.

The goal is for this website to be an easy-to-search and living database of resources for group organisers, with specific guides on some frequently requested topics. We think it’s an improvement on the website before, but we still plan to add more content and consolidate more resources here. For the time being, we still think it’s the best place to go to search for helpful guides or resources related to topics you’re facing.

Updated resources on the Resource Centre

In particular, we are excited about updated resources on:

  1. Funding for groups
  2. Getting EA books for your members
  3. Creating a strategy
  4. Running fellowships & multi-week programs (with sample curriculums)
  5. Why and how to do one-on-ones

Why did we transfer out of the EA Hub?

The EA Hub is adopting a narrower focus that doesn’t include maintaining group organiser resources. It also wasn’t as easy to edit or add new resources there, so we moved to this new site. We have set up redirects from all the old EA Hub group resource pages to point to the Resource Centre, so all of the original EA Hub links should still take you to similar resources. The navigation of the Resource Centre is slightly different but should still be intuitive.

Feedback is welcome

The site has a couple of minor issues, but there may be others we are not aware of yet, so feel free to point them out. We will be improving the Resource Centre in the coming months, and we’ll announce in the EA Groups Newsletter when there are new or updated pages. (We hope to make it even more easily accessible and less overwhelming.)

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the website, including resources you want us to add or create, feel free to submit them in this form. You can also comment feedback below or email them to me at brian.tan@centreforeffectivealtruism.org.

If group organisers have any work-in-progress resources, or want to write new ones for the Resource Centre, I can take a look and give feedback on those too. I can also anonymize resources if needed before sharing with others.  Thanks!

  1. ^

    We’d like to thank the following people for their help in launching the Resource Centre: Kirsten Angeles, Jenna Ong, Sanat Singhal, Richard Annilo, Nancy Shi, Helene Kortschak, Alex Berezhnoi, and Sebastian Becker.




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Wow, I'm really impressed at how much CEA has been getting done over the past quarter or so.

This is fantastic! Especially exciting to see resources on how to run a fellowship, I think this is a really exciting thing for groups to be doing, but it can be tricky to pull off. 

In case it's helpful, I thought I'd share some older, somewhat forgotten (but I still think excellent) resources from GWWC for group organisers

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