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Eastern Europe Community Building Retreat will bring together ambitious community builders and strategic thinkers to learn, connect and collaborate to build communities that will work on solving the world’s most pressing problems. The goal of the event is to improve community-building coordination across Eastern European countries, to think about strategy from the socio-economic perspective of these countries, and to help kick-start EA communities in this region. We´re excited to welcome active community builders, who are running national, regional, or university groups, people interested in starting an EA community in Eastern European countries, and those who are enthusiastic about coordinating Eastern Europe community-building efforts.

Attaching map from Wikipedia that includes the countries we are interested in (+ we are open to Greece, Georgia, and Turkey as well)

Preliminary schedule

The event will be held here in Bratislava from Friday 25th to the 27th of November. You are very welcome to join us a day earlier since we will be having fun and discussing big ideas in our capital. 

The agenda includes workshops and presentations and discussions about:

  • Starting and running a national EA community
  • Thinking about and creating a strategy for your group from a regional perspective
  • Presentations of successful EA communities
  • Opportunities and challenges of community building in Eastern European countries.
  • and more

There will be plenty of time to connect, discuss and inspire each other. You are welcome to suggest activities and discussion topics in your application. 

Apply now!

The selection will be made based on your background, interests, and motivations.

Conference fees and travel expenses 

Participation is completely free. We are prepared to reimburse travel expenses, if helpful and we will take care of the accommodation and meals during the event.

Help us spread the word. If you know someone who would be interested in EA community building in an Eastern European country or is already doing so, please share this website with them.

For more information contact us at  info@efektivnyaltruizmus.sk




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Note that the event happening during Prague Fall Season, right between two CFAR workshops. You might be interested to apply there as well.

Cool to see this is happening - when is the deadline for people to apply?

Hi Brian, thanks for asking. We do have a place for  20 to 40 people.  We don't have an official deadline, but we could say the end of October. Always best to apply early.

got it!

Update: The event will be held in Bratislava from Thursday 24th to the 27th of November.

What's the reason for this change in schedule. 

there was some uncertainty about the location and we have finally made a decision and booked the place

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