EDIT: people should use this doc from Irene (see the comments)

This doc is a collection of existing lists of EA syllabi / curricula as well as some of my own additions. I made it a few months ago when I was trying to brainstorm all the possible seminar-style programs a university group could run. I didn't have to do much work since there are some excellent existing lists:

I think I was still able to find some important additions, especially for AI-related syllabi. Anyone is welcome to comment with suggestions.




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I incorporated all of the links from the list above and many more in the syllabi collection of EA Eindhoven. Might also be interesting to check out :)

Awesome! Yours is better than mine. I'll just add to yours from now on.

Going through this list and the annotated contents, I notice some important gaps in the content that is available (or at least the content that is tracked):

(David Rhys-Bernard's syllabus basically meets all of the above)

Thanks! Note that I have stopped updating this list, because I think the EA Eindhoven Syllabi Collection is more comprehensive.

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