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Contractor for EA Virtual Programs @ Centre for Effective Altruism
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I co-founded EA Eindhoven (NL) and I am a mentor for other EA group organizers through UGAP. I was an intern for EA Virtual Programs (CEA) in the summer of 2023 and am currently working part-time as a contractor for them alongside my MSc in Chemical Engineering.

How others can help me

Connect with EA opportunities and careers for chemists or (chemical) engineers.

How I can help others

I can provide insight and advice about EA university groups and about my experience participating in UGAP (University Group Accelerator Programme) and OSP (Organizer Support Program) (two mentoring programs run by CEA for EA group organizers). I am particularly excited about communicating EA ideas and building diverse, engaging, and welcoming groups.


Great, looking forward to it!

Super interesting, thanks for putting this together! I'd also be curious about a comparison of the number of EAs per country normalized by country population (i.e., per capita data).

Answer by Irene H19

Hi, I collected a lot of workshops run by other groups in this doc (see this post for context). Hope it's helpful! Good luck with organizing your retreat :)

Yes I see what you mean, thanks for taking a look

Answer by Irene H29

There are 6 good examples on the front page of effectivealtruism.org and there are more on its page about impact (which was updated last on January 7, 2021, so maybe it could benefit from an update)

Thanks for sharing! One small thing: the link behind "This is a linkpost for" doesn't work for me

Answer by Irene H7

The Existential Risk Observatory (based in the Netherlands) is doing projects in this direction. For an example, see here.

The EA Opportunities Board also has a list of EA and EA-adjacent organizations: https://ea-internships.pory.app/orgs

Answer by Irene H3

Maybe you can find some inspiration in this doc I made (under "quizzes" or "estimating important numbers"). I also recommend you ask questions like these in the EA Groups Slack!

re: Forecasting Guide:  Juan Cambeiro and Michael Hewlett are launching a class on forecasting that is expected to have a pilot round in March 2023

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