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Effective Lobbying Discussion Group

Hello there!

This is a call to all interested in lobbying as both a career and an EA methods topic. We are currently running a Discussion Group, with plans to run a meet-up once monthly on a topic of interest to the email list. 

The purpose of this Discussion Group, an outcome of the EA Student Summit, is to connect students and early career EAs together to share knowledge, resources, and career advice, as well as to generate new ideas on effective lobbying.

We have already met up once in early November for a preliminary meeting on lobbying experiences, and are next meeting on Wednesday 16th at 5:30 pm UK time to discuss Lobbying for Longtermism. We have a number of members who are engaged with high level lobbying for policy change, but welcome all who are interested in learning more and contributing to the conversation. 

If you are interested in joining, please share your email with me and I will send you the discussion link/add you to the list.

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