Futures of altruism special issue?

by Denkenberger18th Dec 20164 comments



There is interest in having a special issue in the journal Futures on the futures of altruism. From reading this forum, I have identified a few possibilities:

  • the endgame for animal product consumption offsetting
  • next steps in Singer’s expanding circle
  • the endgame of most people becoming EAs

Of course there would be many others. But the big question is, “How many people would be willing to write papers that would be appropriate?” Please indicate in the comments whether you would be interested in doing this and what your topic(s) might be. The recommended length of the paper is 5000 to 8000 words. The impact factor is 1.242. Here is the description of the journal:

"Futures® is an international, refereed, multidisciplinary journal concerned with medium and long-term futures of cultures and societies, science and technology, economics and politics, environment and the planet and individuals and humanity. Covering methods and practices of futures studies, the journal seeks to examine possible and alternative futures of all human endeavours. Futures® seeks to promote divergent and pluralistic visions, ideas and opinions about the future."

As for the special issue, I think people with many different backgrounds would be appropriate. At this point we are gauging the level of interest.