Write a guide to your city if you’re hosting a conference, consider yourself a major EA hub, are having a seasonal push, or expect a constant influx of EAs.[1] 

You can use our template and time-cap yourself at 2 hours.[2]

Cities[3] we'd love to see guides from (in no particular order):

  • New York
  • London
  • Prague
  • Berlin
  • DC
  • Boston
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Singapore
  • Mexico
  • Israel
  • Manila
  • Sydney

Bonus: consider doing some outcomes research on how this helps build EA connections and is impactful[4]

Posts can be short.[5]

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    Why is this useful? Building EA connections, building a local and welcoming EA community, it's helpful for new EAs moving to your city, etc. We think it's helpful to make hubs accessible to the community, especially for newer, less well-connected folks. 

    You can also save yourself some time by adding in FAQs and forwarding people to the guide! 

  2. ^

    Got more time? Share it with 5 friends to add their takes, and share it with a few non-locals to make sure it's useful! 

  3. ^

     and countries? Singapore is a city-state. Mexico is mostly Mexico City but maybe a country one works?

  4. ^

    We're currently researching the 'Visiting the Bay Summer 2022' push. If you're interested in helping out - comment below or reach out to Elika.

  5. ^

    We wrote this in 10 minutes

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Thanks for sharing!

I wrote this guide for Cambridge, UK, when Cambridge EA CIC was running a hiring round.

I think a guide for Cambridge based on your template would still be valuable (but I won't do it any time soon). In my guide, I was focused on 1) a broader audience (including 'non-EAs') and 2) moving to Cambridge rather than visiting temporarily.

Thanks for sharing Jamie !

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