Hello, EA Forum!

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your engagement on the subject. I am a Canadian citizen committed to several causes and EA interests me more and more.

I work for a medium-sized company that works around the automotive industry and it is currently looking for a pan-Canadian cause to support. I would like to influence my company so that their donations have the maximum positive impact. I believe that education or the fight against climate change would be a good association, but I know that these causes are not necessarily in the top priorities of EA. My searches point me to RC Forward for Canadian donations even if the foundations are in United States or elsewhere. I also understand that several priorities are in third world countries.

Do you have any Canadian suggestions to share please?

Thank you for your ideas. Peace! <3

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Madhav Malhotra

Feb 27, 2023


If you're interested in supporting education, scholarships to next generation education companies might be worth supporting (example - disclaimer, I've gone through the program of this particular company). 


Regarding investments in environmental causes, more neglected causes are more valuable to invest in. For instance, supporting NOVEL carbon capture companies (ie. not tree planting). 


Given the high-tech industry in Canada, it might be relatively advantageous to support neglected research priorities. 

  • For instance, you might be able to fund organisations like iGEM or the National Research Council to support biosecurity work on broad-spectrum antivirals, germicidal UV lights, shotgun genetic sequencing at airports, etc. Feel free to search the forum for simple explanations about these concepts. 
  • Similarly, you might be able to fund research grants to work on AI safety topics including interpretability, robustness, and anomaly detection research at the Vector Institute.


If you're donating to humanitarian causes, you'd have the greatest impact on the dollar directing resources to Indigenous communities. Interventions related to eCBT (mental health apps) for indigenous youth might be especially promising to fund.