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This post suggests areas of information that can together lead to medium-term local prosperity. These can be added to any other programs, for example as pamphlets or field officers’ knowledge. The cost-effectiveness of this approach seems competitive: all poor people can be informed of what they need to prosper at the cost of one in twelve persons eligible for a free bednet not receiving one in a specific year. The intended outcome is robust institutions continuously increasing everyone’s wellbeing. This system should prevent catastrophic risks by demotivating aggression by its unenjoyability and unpopularity. Wellbeing improvement should be secured until fundamentally different needs or the means of meeting them or catastrophic risks emerge.

I thank jimrandomh for encouraging the development of this resource.


Preventive healthcare for self and family

  • Immunization
  • Hygiene practices
  • Clean water sources and practices
  • Infectious disease prevention
  • Neglected tropical diseases prevention
  • Injury prevention
  • Reliable sources on information regarding emergency healthcare measures
  • Prenatal care
  • Delivery at a clinic
  • Clean burning stoves and cooking practices return on investment
  • Sexually transmitted diseases prevention
  • Health insurance options and return on investment
  • Mental health practices
  • Female genital mutilation health impacts and alternatives
  • Male circumcision health impacts
  • Nutrient information including local sources, fortified food recognition
  • Free further information resources
  • Other locally relevant information

Curative healthcare for self and family

  • High-burden easy-treatment diseases testing and therapy (e. g. malaria)
  • High-risk easy-treatment diseases therapy (e. g. oral rehydration solution for diarrhea, especially under 5)
  • Medical follow ups cost-effectiveness
  • Early vs. late treatment costs
  • Reliable local and specialized care clinics with costs and subsidy schemes
  • Reliable local mental health resources with costs and subsidy schemes
  • Medical advice phone numbers
  • Other relevant information


  • Economic returns to education in a local area
  • Own and others’ wellbeing returns on education
  • Basic literacy and numeracy requirements for further (self-) study and reliable study materials and practices
  • Internship opportunities and ways to seek them and their relevance to upskilling and building reputation within networks
  • Different testing requirements for various study and skillbuilding paths and reliable preparation resources and practices
  • Entrepreneurship examples and framework of continuously identifying ventures connecting local improvement opportunities and one’s comparative advantage and adjusting one’s specialization
  • Non-students’ sound practices that may support students in next specialization and requirement meeting steps (such as quiet study time and verbal encouragement)
  • Study groups organization possibility and value-generating practices
  • Tutoring options with their costs and impact (e. g. paying a teacher or distracting a family member from their study/enabling them to better understand material)
  • Other information that motivates enjoyable development of skills while considering impact on all stakeholders and third parties

Poverty graduation

  • Transactional financial literacy
  • Marketing ‘deal’ recognition and development skills
  • Interest rate and total repayment calculations
  • ROI calculations (of different funding schemes)
  • Savings options (banking, assets, …) and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Reliable microfinance options identification and comparison skills
  • Microenterprise options suitable for poverty graduation and local resources (including individuals and organizations) interested in supporting microentrepreneurs
  • Microenterprise management and revenue reinvestment options (including into physical and human capital)
  • Impact of different income-generating activities (e. g. charcoal making, keeping livestock in various conditions, asking various actors for cash transfers by various means, different casual labor for various actors, planting different varieties of crops using different practices, agricultural value addition by different means, specialization and competition, …)
  • Other information that enables urban and rural poor and extremely poor persons escape the vicious poverty cycle while minimizing negative impact of economic growth (such as addressing the poor meat eater problem and strengthening environmental consciousness)


  • Impulsive vs. rational decisionmaking recognition and application skills
  • Bystander effect and appropriate intervention options
  • Problem prevention, solving, and ignorance options and their impact
  • Human and AI objectives’ recognition and relevant decisionmaking practices
  • Lifestyles subjective perception and impact comparison skills
  • Other decisionmaking practices that can support humans in developing enjoyable and enjoyed identities and systems

Family relationships

  • Preferences communication practices overview and examples
  • Cooperation and individual achievement options
  • Family and member capacity development options
  • Leisure and productivity time allocation options
  • Abuse recognition, addressing, and reporting skills
  • Other information that can support communication and agreements about overall preferred family relationships


  • Children’s expected situation with different parents’ decisionmaking overview
  • The use of role modeling and consequences in raising children
  • Family planning options, including free and subsidized resources
  • Early childhood development skills
  • Further development practices and their impact considering the presence of role models of various competencies and attitudes
  • Exclusive breastfeeding impacts
  • Other resources that can inform parents about childcare practices and their impact

Animal welfare

  • Animal sentience (interdisciplinary) findings
  • Empathy with different human and non-human animals latest understanding and insights sharing options
  • Disease prevention and treatment practices for various farm and wild animals
  • Animal psychological health assessment and management practices
  • Other information that can enable persons use and further develop latest insights on animal sentience and welfare

Crop farming

  • Crop varieties with projected profitability, harvest times, nutrition, and farm maintenance effort estimation with available financial and weather information planning skills
  • Latest seed and fertilizer variety developments and ROI calculations based on ingredients and particularities
  • Crop storage investments ROI
  • Land agreements negotiation and reliable contract-making practices for increased efficiency and specialization
  • Automation investment and farm machinery renting ROI
  • Crop insurance options and expected value ROI calculations
  • Reliable sources of information on weather responsive locally appropriate farming practices
  • Physical health protecting farming practices (e. g. advantages of using tools with extended handles)
  • Other information that can help farmers gain high incomes, preserve their land, upskill in a farming or non-farming capacity of their choice, and be protected against extreme weather conditions, while accessing nutritious diet and keeping physically healthy

Other tips

  • Road safety practices (e. g. seatbelt application, travel speed, vehicle maintenance, drunk driving, unsafe public vehicle driver advocacy) expected health return on investment
  • Solar lamps ROI
  • Ethics theories resources
  • Sports and games options
  • International feminist literature and critique options
  • Speciesism philosophy and discussion platforms
  • News and safety information fact-checking resources and practices
  • Organized crime prevention and reporting practices
  • Legal and illegal drug effects and addiction prevention and treatment
  • Job boards, application materials practices and resources, job ‘creation’ by demonstrating useful skills to non-advertising companies practices
  • Anything else that can be useful to persons in advancing overall wellbeing improving systems





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