I created a Notion Template, inlcuding 1-on-1 meeting notes that tries to summarize all tips from posts under the EA Global Tag. It is work in progress and will evolve over time, but as EAG London is just starting I thought I share it now.

Epistemic Status: I have been to EAG London in 2021 and will go to multiple EAG and EAGx conferences this year. So I hired someone to summarize the 46 posts about EA Conferences on this forum and distil the most important tips. If you have written something important about going to EAG or EAGx and I left it out please message me! I will try to keep this somewhat updated.

This post assumes you are already going to EA conferences, if you are unsure, read about EAG here: Why you should consider going to EA Global




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Hi Heye, this is super interesting, I might share it with lots of people!

I can't seem to access the content though, does it have the right permission settings?

Edit: It has been fixed, thanks!

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