New popular science book on x-risks: "End Times"

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A new popular science book on GCRs/X-risks was just published, which summarizes the major risks (see table of contents below). It could be recommended to people until Toby Ord's book comes out.

Surprisingly, the book quotes many prominent x-risks scholars and explains some pretty complex topics very well for a pop science book (e.g. unilateralist's curse, info hazards, anthropic shadow, the Aestivation hypothesis, coherent extrapolated volition). To give you a better idea, I've copied out the first page of the index from the Amazon preview below (excuse the poor formatting).

Here's a positive review by the director of the Global Catastrophic Risks Institute.

The audiobook version makes it easy to get through (complete with the narrator imitating the accents of the people interviewed - only mildly offensive).

Table of Contents


1. Asteroid: The Universe Is Trying To Kill Us

2. Volcano: A Decade Without A Summer

3. Nuclear: The Final Curtain On Mankind

4: Climate Change: What Do We Owe The Future?

5. Disease: Twenty-first-century Plague

6. Biotechnology: Engineering A Killer

7: Artificial Intelligence: Summoning The Demon.

8. Aliens: Where Is Everybody?

9. Survival: The Day After

10. The End: Why We Fight


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