Probably Good is a young organization aiming to provide EA-aligned career advice. Our approach to guidance is focused on how to help each individual maximize their career impact based on their values, personal circumstances, and motivations. You can read more about us and our goals in our announcement post

As part of our efforts to scale up our content creation, we are looking for volunteers to help with copy-editing and research tasks. If you want to help us improve EA-aligned career advice for a wider audience, have experience in either of these fields, and would be willing to help, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re hoping to provide a fairly flexible opportunity to volunteer. When we have a task relevant to your skillset and experience, we’ll contact you and ask if you are available to help with it. At that point, we’ll go over the precise details, and you can let us know if you’re available to help.

A little more information on what we’re looking for:


Review of content (career profiles, general guide, etc.) before it’s published to our website. This will generally include everything from typos to awkward phrasing. Naturally, any other feedback is always welcome.

Research tasks

Performing literature reviews, including summarizing and analyzing a wide range of sources to provide insight on the core questions we try to answer. These include impact estimates for various career paths, evidence-based advice on how to enter and excel in specific fields, how to test personal fit and more. This work will directly influence our prioritization decisions, and our content and advice.

If you think this might be relevant for you (or anyone else you know), please fill the form here.




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