Participation in the workshop is extended to approximately 10 doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers who are currently conducting research in arms control, whether from legal, historical, political or theoretical perspectives.

Please email Thea Coventry to apply for the event by Monday 5 December, including your position, university affiliation and area of research. Additionally, participants need to submit a short abstract on their research topic by email to Thea Coventry by Monday 12 December, which will be circulated in advance to the other participants. Acceptance will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Attendance is in-person.

About the Asser Institute Doctoral Seminar Series on International Arms Control Law
The Asser Institute Doctoral Seminar Series on International Arms Control Law provides a select number of early career researchers with insights into the current and future issues raised by International Arms Control Law with perspectives from international law and related disciplines. At each seminar, academics and practitioners deliver several expert lectures on the international legal framework of arms control, geo-political perspectives on arms control, institutional and procedural frameworks for control and disarmament, as well as emerging issues and trends. Additionally, the seminar provides an opportunity for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to discuss their research in the field of International Arms Control to foster interdisciplinary exchange among peers in a low-stakes environment.




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