Fin (finm) and I are interviewing Armond Cohen for our podcast in the coming weeks.

Armond is the executive director of the Clean Air Task Force. CATF has been rated as the most cost-effective climate change charity, including by Founder's Pledge, SoGive, and Giving Green.

CATF works across multiple domains. They promote innovations in neglected low-carbon technologies, such as enhanced geothermal systems and nuclear fusion. Additionally, the organisation has been influential in advocating for political change, including introducing the US's 45Q credit for carbon capture storage and working with the Biden administration to promote clean energy standards. CATF are also currently expanding their efforts internationally, particularly in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

If you have a question you would like to ask Armond, we would love to hear it. This could be about climate change, particular technologies, or working in the policy space more generally. If there are > 5ish suggestions, Fin and I will pick our favourites (weighted by upvotes). Thanks all!




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Who are the people or organizations that Armond knows are doing impactful work on climate change in Asia (other than CATF if you are doing work here)?

Thanks a lot for your reply! The episode is out now and we asked your question at [01:29:48]

Is CATF doing any work in Asia? If so, what work are they doing here?

What in his experience has been the research/technology that most attracts the attention of governments and politicians? Or more generally, what has been his most successful case study of research/tech-based political advocacy?

Thanks a lot for your reply! The episode is out now and we asked your question at [00:58:43]

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