I just skimmed through the Guide to talking about effective altruism and noted the repeat mention of how much more receptive people are to stories than to facts. If you'll forgive me for dipping my toes in the availability heuristic, I can't recall many EA social events or online discussions where people have expressed the emotional significance of their route into the community. Many people reading this will have devoted a lot of mental energy, money and time to doing good, perhaps more of these resources than someone who first hears of EA can imagine being motivated to sacrifice. It might be worthwhile to lay out some examples that focus on the human side of finding such altruistic intent. 

I welcome and encourage you to send me a paragraph or three telling the story of how you came across EA, internalised the ideas and resolved that acting on them matters to you. After a number have come in, I will submit another post collating those stories - please let me know if you wish to be anonymised or identified. The least useful outcome of that collection would be a heart-warming opportunity to bring a few of us together, which I think worth doing. Best case scenario would be that such stories serve as a handy resource for the community builders out there. Get in touch!




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Post your origin story as an example!

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