Hey everyone, I work on the Growth team at GiveDirectly and wanted to share this match just for Canadian donors running through Dec. 31st 2022

Only $1,300 of our $75,000 (CAD) match pool has been claimed and this is a true match, so any funds left over after 12/31 will expire. 

Donations are matched 1.5X up to $1,500 per donor, meaning a $1,500 donation will unlock $2,250 for people in poverty. That’s enough to deliver large, one-time cash transfers to 2 households to spend and invest as they see fit. 

This is a great opportunity to maximize the impact of your giving and enable us to deliver more cash to people living in poverty next year. Consider sharing with your networks (or upvoting this post) to help spread the word.





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Sorry, does the 1.5x match mean we donate $X and 50% of that will be matched? Or 150% of our donation will be added to the amount we donated? 

Hey Madhav! The 1.5X match means that for every dollar donated, the match will provide an additional $1.50.

So if I donate $10, the match fund will provide an additional $15 for a total of $25 donated to GiveDirectly. Hope this helps!

Thank you for clarifying :-) I wasn't trying to be pedantic, I was just choosing between donating to StrongMinds with a 100% match or here. 

Update: lesson learned - read the fine print effectively

  • My donation wasn't matched. I didn't do enough due diligence to read a final clause on their website that said we had to email our donation receipt somewhere.
  • One 'little' mistake on my part is the difference between 50 people not stuck in poverty vs. 18 people not stuck in poverty. 
  • Doing good effectively = reading the fine print effectively.

Worth emailing anyway, I say -- the instructions say "for the best chance" which is not a conclusive statement that the matching donor won't be flexible with a technical fault.

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