Hi everyone, I am a high school senior extremely passionate about EA and hoping to actively engage with EA before the start of college.  I'm wondering if there are remote EA related volunteer opportunities available to high schoolers. My goal is to acquire hands-on experience in EA to initiate tangible causes in college. I am enthusiastic about dedicating a lot of time to volunteer work — for learning and returning to the community. I am confident in my ability to contribute at a level comparable to college students. If needed, I can demonstrate my abilities to reach certain skill qualifications. Please let me know if there are suitable opportunities where a high school student can make a difference. Thank you all. 




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I messaged you. Good for you for looking to make a difference and develop your knowledge/skills.

Hello! I'm also in the same boat as you - I'm also a high school senior interested in doing some remote EA opportunities during the summer. It's more that I want to test my personal fit with different fields or at least develop some general skills. 

See https://ea-internships.pory.app/board, you can filter for volunteer.

It would be helpful to mention if you have background or interest in particular cause areas.

Thank you! This was really helpful

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