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Applications are  now closed. 

See also our general post announcing the AI Futures Fellowship


AI Futures Fellowship 

We are planning to open a coworking space in Mexico City in January and February 2024. This office space will be occupied by the fellows and staff from the ITAM AI Futures Fellowship and an engaging intellectual community of visitors and collaborators, and you could be one of them! 


  • The fellowship will take place in an office space located in La Condesa, a very green and calm  area of Mexico City. The office faces Amsterdam street and Parque Mexico, which offer a fantastic mix of nature, cafes and restaurants.
  • We are offering extra office spots for the duration of the program. This includes: 
    • Access to our coworking space for up to two months. Shorter visits are welcome, but longer visits are preferred.
    • The default office policy is Hot-Desking. We might be able to accommodate more specific requests for individuals or organizations depending on availability, so let us know if there is a particular arrangement that would make you or your organization more likely to visit (e.g. "a private office for 5 people for x organization").
    • We will provide lunch and some snacks throughout that time (Monday through Friday).
  • The exact number of spots offered will vary depending on space availability and demand. We are also exploring the possibility of receiving more visitors who are willing to pay for their memberships. 
  • We are interested in hosting people working on technical AI safety research and AI governance. We will prioritize those who can have the most fruitful interactions with our fellows or those who would benefit the most from interacting with our community.
  • If your organization would like to use the office space for a team retreat, do let us know as soon as possible.
  • By default we won’t cover accommodation or travel costs, but please let us know if this would significantly affect your chances of coming. We might be able to explore some options with you or point you to possible alternatives.


Consider also joining us as a mentor

The form also gives you the option of applying as a mentor. This might involve the following responsibilities:

  • Help a fellow define a project and support them throughout its execution (This may be a project you’ve been interested in doing but haven’t found the time to work on!)
  • Availability to commit ~1 hour weekly for 8 weeks to support the fellow (this can include reviewing drafts and having regular calls).
  • Assist the fellow in expanding their professional network, identifying additional resources, and valuable opportunities.
  • Offer career guidance and motivation whenever needed. However, our staff will meet regularly with mentees to follow up on their time management, accountability, wellbeing and intrinsic motivation. You are expected to provide more object-level guidance.

There is a compensation of $1000 USD for the valuable time and effort invested by mentors. 


If you want to join us as a visitor or mentor, fill out this brief form. If you’re not sure yet but you’re interested in exploring ways of interacting with our fellowship, also let us know! 

Feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have: info@aifuturesitam.org.





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