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I have a signed bottle of Huel from Macaskill today as I attended his introductory talk in Oxford. I think he was genuinely amused and remarked that even this was a first for him. I was thinking of keeping it or donating to the uni EA Society but if it is one of a kind, then auctioning it off and donating the proceeds to an EA charity (probably GiveWell Maximum Impact Fund) may be an even better option. Any ideas?




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This is as chaotic neutral as it gets.

Why neutral? Why not chaotic good?

You have a point!

I hold every single person who downvoted this personally responsible for EA not being more influential earlier. Lighten up people.

Buy & Hold for the next few decades-to-millennia.  First you gotta wait for EA to rise to the peak of its influence -- at minimum, wait 10 years or so for all the idealistic EAs graduating college to get into important mid-career positions as influential politicians / cutting-edge technological researchers / rich businessmen / etc.  (At maximum, wait until EA is widely recognized for being the pivotal 21st-century social movement that eventually led to the creation of a utopian galactic civilization.)  Only then do you sell this signed bottle of Huel, which -- as a sacred relic of humanity's Dawn Era -- will command an astronomical price at auction.

FTX crash may have delayed this by 5 years.

I wonder why this post was downvoted so much without any comment. I think it's quite funny :) Maybe keep the bottle  for now :) but I'd love to see if anyone gives any money for it, just for fun :) I think it could be a nice joke, and people could compete for it just based on the absurdity of the situation :) But yeah. You lost -12 karma points for this post :) Hope I will not loose any thinking this is funny.

I would pay you $100.

Can you transact in Soylent bottles?

of course

I offer 110€ +shipping.

Do I hear $120 + shipping? *prepares gavel*

I'd pay you $10 for it.

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