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The global effective giving community has worked hard to create an awesome virtual event for Effective Giving Day! There are also several awesome groups around the world that are hosting their own events in person and online in Toronto, Vancouver, São Paulo, Sydney, Melbourne, Munich, Heidelberg, Estonia, Italy and more!

Join us for Effective Giving Day on Monday 28th November

Our community sharing why they give effectively

This year the global effective giving community is celebrating on the 28th of November (29th of November Asia/Pacific)!

Our event on YouTube Live will help you learn:

  • How just one person really can make a difference: How to 100x your impact through effective donations
  • The newest findings in the philanthropic space from industry leaders
  • How effective giving has benefitted our member’s lives: Featuring guest speakers bestselling author Rutger Bregman, ethicist Peter Singer and science broadcaster and professional poker player Liv Boeree

RSVP for Effective Giving Day via Facebook

RSVP for Effective Giving Day via the EA Forum

Giving Season Events

Effective Giving Day - Main Online Event

Effective Giving Day Viewing Party, Lunch and Giving Game (Hosted by Effective Altruists of UBC & Vancouver)

  • 28 Nov at 19:00 UTC (London: 7:00 pm, Munich: 8:00 pm, New York 2:00 pm, San Francisco: 11:00 am) 
  • Discord

Effective Giving Day: Toronto

Effective Giving Day: São Paulo

Effective Giving Day: Vancouver

Effective Giving Day: Heidelberg

Effective Giving Day: Estonia

Effective Giving Day: Tübingen

Effective Giving Day: Italy

Effective Giving Day: Sydney

Effective Giving Day: Melbourne

Munich GWWC/EA Event - December 2022

Are you hosting your own Effective Giving Day event?

Register your Effective Giving Day event with us!

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119 'Going', 685 'Interested' on the Facebook RSVPs, nice!

Could you clarify what the "We’ll also hear from our community members on where they donate and why!" part consists of during the main event?

Specifically, I see that there's more opportunity to talk about this topic in the Gathertown event after the main event, but I'm curious if event attendees will get an opportunity to share where they donated and why during the main event, or if the content on this during the main event is going to consist of something pre-planned from already selected-members of the community (such that main-event attendees will just be passively listening and pehaps answering a few poll questions).

Also between FB, LinkedIn and EA Forum about ~1000 people have responded to the event!

We already have a bunch of community members involved in the main event (they'll be sharing about their giving onscreen) but there will be a chance for everyone to discuss during the gathertown event afterwards!

We'll also be prompting people to let us know in the chat during the YouTube event!

Makes sense, thanks for confirming!

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