As part of brainstorming more EA art, I put together a set of images with a large contrast between a peaceful protester and heavily armed police/military. Further suggestions are appreciated. (Note: I'm not filtering for EA-related or high-impact/positive causes/protests.)



A Vietnam War protester places carnations into soldier’s rifle barrels.



An unknown protester blocks tanks in Tiananmen Square.



Iesha Evans is arrested while protesting the shooting of Alton Sterling.



Walter Gadsen is attacked by police dogs during the Birmingham Campaign.



Matangini Hazra is shot to death by police during the Indian independence movement.



Lam Ka Lo ("shield girl") meditates in front of riot police during the Hong Kong 2019 protests.



A migrant child gives flowers to police blocking immigrants from entering Turkey.



An unknown student offers flowers to riot police during the Greek 2008 protests.



Jan Rose Kamir holds a chrysanthemum during an anti-Vietnam War protest.



Ceyda Sungur (“Lady in Red”) is pepper sprayed during Turkish 2013 antigovernment protests.

Sanitation workers strike in Memphis in 1968.

Scott Jones kisses his girlfriend Alexandra Thomas after she was injured in a Vancouver riot triggered by the Stanley Cup. 

cACT UP organizers protest the FDA blocking access to an experimental AIDS drug. 

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