Faunalytics has produced an update to their Global Animal Slaughter Statistics and Charts, which now includes numbers from 2019 and 2020 and documents how many animals are slaughtered for food every year based on United Nations FAO data. 

Globally, animal slaughter is outpacing population growth. Pig and sheep slaughter is trending upward, cow slaughter is trending downward, and chicken slaughter for 2020 was down by 2 billion from 2019 but still trending upward overall compared to every year before 2018. Fish slaughter is more volatile, but looks like it could be plateauing.

For animal advocates looking to direct their attention and resources more effectively, the statistics and charts in this valuable visual resource offer a helpful picture of how many animals have been consumed and how consumption has changed over the past 60 years.




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Thanks for sharing

Thank you, Dov!

Thank you for the amazing study! 


I have a question. It is said that " To avoid confusion or inaccurate comparisons, we’ve opted to include a separate time series for fish, which can be found in the second tab in the interactive line charts."

Would it be better for the article to be called "Global Land Animal Slaughter Statistics" instead of "Global Animal Slaughter Statistics"?

Hello Fai,

Thank you for your question! We do show the statistics for fishes, just separated in some of the comparison charts due to the massive number difference. 

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