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Summary: I have a strong US-China skill set that allows me to effectively run projects between teams spanning China and Western countries. I'm curious what past or current projects the EA community is already working on that leverage coordination with groups in China to tackle core EA issues like Climate and AI. My goal is to start to think of the best way I can contribute my skill set to these two EA causes.


I've established a pretty strong understanding of Chinese culture, language, and operational practices. I've worked at startups with operations across the US and China for the past 6 years, and I also speak the language well enough to do business there. I suspected for some time that China will play a huge role on any global EA issue and wondered how I could use by cross-cultural skill set to contribute in the highest leverage way.

I found this article from 2018 highlighting the need for China specialists to execute on some EA projects: https://80000hours.org/articles/china-careers/

I'm curious if anyone on this forum  already worked on projects leveraging China expertise to drive impact on Climate or AI issues? I am early on my EA journey and trying to orient myself on what's already in progress and where someone with my background may be able to have the biggest impact.

Thank you!




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Hi Michael, great to hear you are interested in the intersection of EA work and China and have expertise to bring in!

You may be interested in our Slack community, the form of interest is here: https://airtable.com/shr4E1GeNid3qEjuZ

Thank you Gabriel! I will submit the form you shared now.

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