It's been a while since EAIF and LTFF have published grant reports and I wonder if they plan on longer doing so because of capacity bottlenecks?




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The EAIF is going to publish its next batch of payout reports before the end of June. They will cover the grants we made between August 2021 and December 2021 or January 2022 (don't remember off the top of my head).

I also think it is likely that we will keep publishing payout reports for the periods after that.

These payout reports are now available here, albeit about two weeks later than I promised.

I think the LTFF will publish a payout report for grants through ~December in the next few weeks. As you suggest, we've been delayed because the number of grants we're making has increased substantially so we're pretty limited on grantmaker capacity right now (and writing the reports takes a somewhat substantial amount of time).

I like IanDavidMoss's suggestion of having a simpler list rather than delaying (and maybe we could publish more detailed justifications later)-- I'll strongly consider doing that for the payout report after this one.

Maybe a good compromise would be to publish a complete list generated from relevant fields in the grants database every couple of months (redacting recipients who requested not to have their grant publicized), and then we'd all have an opportunity to ask for elaboration or other questions in the comments each time. This way the time invested in providing (the equivalent of) "reports" on each grant would be better targeted toward the cases that the community is most interested in/uncertain about, which should be a small minority of the grants made.

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FWIW, if capacity is an issue (which wouldn't surprise me), I would much rather have a simple list of the grants, amounts, and the title of each grant than no report at all. Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good!

Also, if capacity is an issue, are you planning on hiring someone?

If they have rough notes, they could hire someone to clean them up and publish them.

Also, I think they should publish the cost-effectiveness bars they're trying to meet.

Regarding the cost-effectiveness bar, this discussion from our AMA last year might be interesting.