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This is a short post to highlight the evaluation survey that we're running to better assess the value of Effective Self-Help's work up to now, and to canvass ideas for how we could be of greatest value going forward.

Effective Self-Help is a pilot research organisation looking into the most effective ways in which people can improve their wellbeing and productivity. The project is currently funded by the EA Infrastructure Fund. For more information about who we are and what we do, take a look at our website or this previous Forum post introducing the project.


Evaluation survey

This 5-minute survey will help us make better estimates of how useful the recommendations are that we make in our reports on sleep, stress, and behaviour change. While feedback is particularly useful from people who have previously read one of our reports, we encourage everyone who is interested in the project to fill out the survey as there are several important questions that anyone can answer.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Other updates

As a couple of quick sidenotes:

  1. We will be holding an online workshop on effective habit formation on Sunday 8th May (6-7pm, BST) in partnership with EA Edinburgh
    The workshop aims to provide a quick, practical framework for more effective behaviour change based on the best scientific literature available, helping participants then apply this framework to implement a habit of their choice. This is open to everyone so we'd love to have you along! For more information, see the Facebook and Forum event pages. 
    If you'd be interested in hosting a talk or workshop from Effective Self-Help for your group, you can find more details here.
  2. If you'd like to stay up-to-date with our work, you can now sign up for our monthly newsletter.
  3. We're looking to experiment with running a consultation service where we can offer rigorous research into specific wellbeing and/or productivity queries you may have. Visit our website to find out more and register interest.


If you'd like to give more general/ detailed feedback on the project or discuss ways in which to collaborate/ get involved, you can email us directly (info@effectiveselfhelp.org) or book a call with me.




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This comment is late, but anyway...

Though I think there is value to having a more comprehensive survey like the one you have, I do want to pitch having a shorter survey for general comments with maybe 1 textbox.

The survey could be useful to collect new ideas, or just quick thoughts people wanted to share to Effective Self-Help. That way whenever someone has a new idea, they don't have to click through a bunch of buttons on whether or not they've read the Effective Self-Help articles. I know that there is an option to email, but I find myself much more averse to emailing vs. filling out a form.

Although I do want to say that I make this comment as someone who sometimes has random ideas and wants to fill out a short form if I wanted to share something quick.

Thanks for this! We do have a contact form on our website (https://effectiveselfhelp.org/contact) but I don't think I highlighted that here or that it's necessarily that obvious. Think I'll start emphasising that though instead of an email link so thanks for the prompt :)

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