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Inspired by Yonatan's post here.

Why do I think I’ll be useful?

I'm very much early-career myself (finished undergrad 2019). I've interned at Google and Uber (both South Bay) and worked at Citadel (Chicago), currently at Scale AI (San Francisco). My EA experiences include facilitating UCLA EA's Arete Fellowship (Fall '20), Stanford's AI Safety reading group (Fall '20), and being a Tianxia Fellow (2021). My mentorship experience include at least six 1:1 college mentees and five years of sporadic 1:1 tutoring. 

I enjoy mentoring and meeting more EAs in this way seems like fun!

I’m offering help with (re my personal experiences):

  • Motivation and accountability
  • Improving technical skills, e.g. Python, C++, and ML
  • Energy and sleep
  • Diet and exercise -- keto, intermittent fasting, cardio, lowkey strength
  • Mental health (not a therapist!) - e.g. imposter syndrome, depression, anxiety, high-functioning ASD, ADHD, loneliness, social/professional rejection, decision paralysis, questionable judgment
  • Interviewing -- projects vs interview prep, referrals, networking

For reference, my LinkedIn is here.

What will the mentoring look like?

  • I’m offering informal long term mentoring where the first meeting will be over video and most other communication will be via async text messages.
  • No commitment, we can stop anytime.

What's in it for me?

I enjoy mentoring and hearing about people at different stages and perspectives. I want to help people become more fulfilled or achieve their potential. I want to give back and be part of the growth journey of my peers.

How can you reach me?

Recommended: Join this awesome EA Co-Working Discord server and message -salmon-#1003

Alternatives: Contact me on Telegram or Twitter. I also have a Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, but don't want to give them out in public.

Here's what to include in your message:

  • A bit of background -- concise life story + relevant experiences
  • Your most important questions -- e.g. I want to do Z -- how much of X and Y might I do to prepare for Z?

That's it!




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Thanks for doing this.