I think EA should be more involved in researching/starting/incubating cooperatives (among other democracy-focused efforts), so I thought this post might serve as a brief pointer in that direction.





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Anecdote regarding news media: I donate monthly to the national newspaper Shakuf, run by a non-profit and funded exclusively by small donors like me, nicknamed "publishers" (and is ad-free). It's not a cooperative per se, but big decisions are decided by majority vote among those publishers; Decisions like "should we merge with this other news org" or "Which area should the new reporter cover". It works pretty well and I think publishers are happy! As an example, we did merge with that other org, which required recruiting thousands more publishers in order for it to transition to the same model - and those indeed came.

Hi Blaine. Interesting idea, but it is still basically asking permission to exist in ‘their’ world. You don’t seem taken with crypto technology, but it is here, spreading faster than a fungus and enabling real world experiments in friction free and completely malleable value exchange. It’s pretty exciting.

To me, the ability to be verifiably unique changes the equation Completely. It is within grasp for us to create a mechanism that ensures complete and total human sovereignty - as the basic framework. From that moment forward, the systems more or less build themselves and everything can grow.

From governance and democratization, to market forces and invasive data harvesting, the landscape shifts 180º when everything is responding to ‘user needs’ directly.  It is also the most efficient way to provide ‘aid’ of any kind and to self organize in any situation with 100% regionally appropriate responses.

A ‘parallel universe’ becomes instantly available that can interact everywhere but under the sole control of you, on ‘your’ chain.

There is no other way, and everything else can’t be fixed. But it’s definitely not a matter of permission anymore.


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