Hey Effective Altruism, I'm 18 and I've been following the forums and conversations for a year now, but never felt like I could participate, as I unlike many members, am no scientist, biohacker, or an AI coding genius. So I looked into what I'm good at - and that is being a teenager, unfortunately, that goes with owning lots of clothes, and having too much energy. Since we're Berlin based, I can't be modest here - the drip is really there.

So this is where you can finally help by being a consumerist! Shop for clothes, and directly donate your money to Turkey. Today I have an easy life in Germany with the greatest European economy. But that was all built off the backs of Turkish Immigrants, it's time for us to help them rebuild, and get them out of the rubbles. So check out the link and see if there is something you would like to buy.

To those who live in Berlin, we are going to be in RAW Warschauer flea market on Sunday! So take a little stroll, listen to the weird robotic techno on the bridge, and come donate, while perhaps getting a Valentine's day gift to your significant other (or treat yourself).  See you there!

Also, I'm very happy to receive any sort of feedback. So bring on your constructive criticism, ideas and solutions in the comments :)




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I like thrift/charity shops, and I like people using their own unique skills and talents to do good, so I love this project! Good luck with it.

I often use charity and thrift shops. The other day I was thinking about how it would be cool to have one that donates to GiveWell or something. 

Good job on trying this!

Unfortunately Instagram tells me that the page has been removed - great work/idea though!

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