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We are planning to set up a charity that will advocate for the use of phages to control Antimicrobial resistance in Nigeria. We seek 2 external people preferably from the EA community that can serve on the governance board. We are about to register the charity with the Federal government of Nigeria. If you have a passion to tackle the problem of resistance in a low and medium-income country? Consider joining us. 


A little about the proposed charity


 Centre for Phage Biology and Therapeutics 




To be the foremost phage research centre  in Nigeria, providing phage-based solutions to problems of antimicrobial resistance taking one-health into perspective


Mission Statement:


The major goal of the Centre for Phage Biology and Therapeutics is to create a favourable research environment for phage biology and phage therapeutic formulation research. It aims to provide an excellent learning environment in which academics, staff, and students may find, critically assess, conserve, and convey Phage based information that can spark Africa's antimicrobial drug resistance revolution.



To actualize our goal seeks to adopt the following strategies:

  1. Pursue robust bioprospecting of phages against the ESKPE pathogens and other pathogens of importance
  2. To train students and staff in the use of phage therapy
  3. Advocate for policy changes that will allow for the Use of Phage therapy in Nigeria


If interested kindly send email to eennadi@gmail.com




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