I've been working on starting a non-profit to focus on personnel development and management coaching. The idea is that we can make organizations more impactful by making the people in it more impactful. Anyways, my co-founder and I decided to move ahead with this (yay!), so of course, my first step was to incorporate. MD has a great online tool for filing new entities, as does the IRS. As I filled in the forms, I used ChatGPT to answer any questions I was confused about. Now my application is submitted, along with a dual application for a payroll tax account and an unemployment insurance account, and I have an EIN. The total cost was $220 and it took less than an hour.

Now, this naturally doesn't include the months of discussion and planning, and I have further paperwork to do to be able to receive donations, but the bulk of the work is done.

That's it - it's easy! 

I'm happy to help if anyone needs guidance - feel free to PM me or send me an email!




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You do 501c3 or just the incorporation?

Based on cash outlay, I assume there was no 501(c)(3) application involved yet.

Not yet, no. That comes next, once we have the articles of incorporation.

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