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Register now: #AISummitTalks II, featuring Professor Stuart Russell and many others @ Wilton Hall, Bletchley, Tuesday 31 October, 14:00 to 15:30 GMT! - https://lu.ma/n9qmn4h6

About the Talks

The first edition of #AISummitTalks: Navigating Existential Risk was attended by over 250 people, with great engagement from the crowd.

For the second edition of our #AISummitTalks series about AI x-risk, we will meet just outside of the famous Bletchley Park on the eve of the #AISafetySummit. At the AI Safety Summit, world leaders will discuss for the first time how to prevent human extinction by AI. Society unfortunately will not have a say in these discussions, since only 150 people are invited. But at our AI Safety Summit Talks, organized together with Conjecture, you can be a part of this discussion!


You will be joined by Existential Risk Observatory and Conjecture, who will host a keynote speech by none other than Prof. Stuart Russell (UC Berkeley), followed by a talk by Conjecture's Connor Leahy, among others. The event will be finalised by a panel discussion that brings together Andrea Miotti (Head of Strategy and Governance, Conjecture), as well as leading voices from the societal debate and the political realm, including investor Jaan Tallinn (Co-founder Centre for the Study of Existential Risk - CSER), Annika Brack (CEO The International Center for Future Generations - ICFG), Mark Brakel (Director of Policy, Future of Life Institute - FLI), Alexandra Mousavizadeh (Economist, CEO, Evident), Hal Hodson (Journalist The Economist), and a mystery guest! Moderator of the afternoon will be David Wood, chair of the London Futurists.


Curious? Want to join the conversation? Be quick and reserve your spot - only 300 spots can be allocated. 


We're looking forward to welcoming you there!




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