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Applications for EA Global: Reconnect are now open! 

A new event format

EA Global: Reconnect is a virtual networking event focused on deep discussion and meaningful connection. There will be ~2 hours of content each day, and lots of time around the content for conversations and building relationships.

Who is this event for?

This event is for people who have made a career plan, volunteered, or donated a significant proportion of their income on the basis of effective altruist principles, either currently or in the past. Applicants should have a good understanding of effective altruist ideas and will need to provide an example of how they’ve applied these principles to their career, study, or donation plans. 

If you are relatively new to effective altruism, we think you will benefit from spending some more time exploring and practising the key ideas of effective altruism before attending this conference. We recommend applying for the EA Fellowship Weekend (March 27-28) instead.

Three reasons to attend

  1. Give and receive feedback on career, study, or donation plans, or on your EA projects
  2. Make new connections and reconnect with old contacts
  3. Discover and discuss interesting ideas

What do previous event attendees say?

“Being plugged-in to the EA community via local, city-level chapters is one thing, but to connect with EAs worldwide that are on a similar journey exploring pathways to high-impact careers and more effective thinking really energised me as an EA concerned with maximising outcomes.”

“I feel confident that I've reconnected with the movement. My meeting with [a] former acquaintance...gave me the feeling that I have people in the movement I can rely on as emotional anchors, while a couple of new connections...made me optimistic that there's space in the community and opportunity for contribution from people with my mindset and resources.”

How much are tickets?

EA Global: Reconnect is free, but we’re asking every attendee to make a pledge about the level of commitment they want to give to the event. There are no special privileges for the different levels; it’s simply a commitment device to help you achieve your goals.

How do I register for the event?

To save you time, we’ve streamlined the process this year. There’s only one form to fill out, and most of the fields can be pre-populated with your responses from previous applications if you log in at the start.

Applications are open until 11:59 pm PDT on Wednesday, March 17.

If you’d like us to connect you with an experienced member of the community who can offer you personalized advice then you’ll need to apply by 11:59 pm PDT on Sunday, February 21.

Invite your friends

If you know someone who is a good fit for this event, please nominate them. We’re particularly keen to reconnect with people who have been active EAs in the past but have drifted away from the community.

We look forward to receiving your application!




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We’re particularly keen to reconnect with people who have been active EAs in the past but have drifted away from the community.

I have a number of friends that fall into this bucket, but when I think of inviting them I hesitate because I'm not sure what value they would get from it. Does anyone have a sense why  attending this event would be good for someone who has 'drifted away from the community'?

They drifted away from the community, but are they still working towards EA goals?

  • If they have stopped working towards EA goals, going to this event could be an opportunity to explore whether this is a decision they [still] endorse.

  • If they have continued to work towards EA goals on their own, going to this event could be a good opportunity to learn & share the kind of things that are most readily learned & shared through face-to-face chitchat. (A fairly large set of things, in my experience.) Additionally, making new face-to-face connections with people lets you trade favors and establish collaborative relationships that are harder to establish through e.g. sending them a cold email. (See: EA is vetting-constrained.) I expect the benefit here will be high variance. There's a high probability you have a weekend full of friendly-but-useless video calls (which will hopefully help with quarantine blues at least!) There's a small probability that you end up learning or sharing something that makes a big difference for you or someone else, or making an important new connection. (If someone hasn't been interacting with the community as much, I expect this probability to be higher, since the backlog of conversations they haven't had and new people they haven't met is gonna be larger.)

Might be worth noting the conventional wisdom in the business world, that networking is really important. As EAs we might have a bias towards things which are more measurable and legible, and I don't think the benefits of networking are always like that.

I noticed the following facts about people who work with the door open or the door closed. I notice that if you have the door to your office closed, you get more work done today and tomorrow, and you are more productive than most. But 10 years later somehow you don't know quite know what problems are worth working on; all the hard work you do is sort of tangential in importance. He who works with the door open gets all kinds of interruptions, but he also occasionally gets clues as to what the world is and what might be important. Now I cannot prove the cause and effect sequence because you might say, ``The closed door is symbolic of a closed mind.'' I don't know. But I can say there is a pretty good correlation between those who work with the doors open and those who ultimately do important things, although people who work with doors closed often work harder. Somehow they seem to work on slightly the wrong thing - not much, but enough that they miss fame.

Richard Hamming, Turing award winner, on what he observed at Bell Labs

Thanks John, these are useful points which  also help me orient towards the conference!

Glad I could help :D

There are a number of reasons that people drift away from the community. Ben West has a sequence of posts about this here.

I don’t know what led your friends to drift away, but it’s often the case that people are still interested in EA ideas but other events in their life take higher priority for a while. If that applies to your friends, then we think the main benefits of attending this event are:

  • Give and receive feedback on career, study, or donation plans
  • Make new connections and reconnect with old contacts
  • Discover and discuss interesting ideas

We’ll also have a session at the event exploring the different retention factors that Ben identifies in his posts (e.g. balancing parenting with EA, or finding a way to contribute if you don’t have experience that’s relevant to the field you want to work in). Hearing different people in the community sharing their experiences about this may also be helpful to your friends.

Thanks Barry!

It's unclear to me if my application was successfully submitted. I hit 'submit' (eventually multiple times) and did not see a confirmation message nor did the page change. There may be a bug in the submission of the form.

(Edit: I did receive an email confirmation of my application, however)

Thanks for letting us know Josh. Your application has been received. We're investigating the issue further but it seems it's not affecting all users.

I did mine yesterday. I can’t actually remember what happened when I pressed submit. I think there was some sort of message, but I remember thinking it wasn’t clear enough to be sure that my application had gone through. It was only when I got the confirmation email that I closed the page.

Not sure if this is same as what happened to Josh. Generally though I think it’s good to go through to a confirmation page when one presses submit, just to make it absolutely clear.

Thanks for the feedback Jack. You should go through to a confirmation page on submission but it appears that's not been happening for some people. We're looking into why that's happening.

In the meantime, I've added some additional text above the submit button that tells people to check their inbox to confirm submission if they're in any doubt.

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