I'm curious about the question "how much should one give?" and the question that immediately comes to mind is "what percentage of income does one have to give to be in the top 1% in this category of people between those who regularly support charities?"? This is not an important question, but maybe someone by chance knows the answer to it?




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The earlier EA Survey Donation post (and linked notebook/Bookdown chapter on this) may be helpful. 

But I'm not sure which base group you are considering, or what measure you are considering

Base group: All people who identify as EAs, all US Americans, all people in the world, all people in the world with income above some value?

Metric: Top 1% in terms of absolute amounts given or in terms of share of income given? 

I think you might be able tease out the answer to some of your questions from [this paper](https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/The-Evolving-Distribution-of-Giving-in-the-United-Duquette/48b092a6436e213b45d86e090cce508ac16ab77d). Sorry I don't have the data/numbers to hand, I've worked on this before. 

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