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Hi all,

Happy to announce that as a part of animal advocacy community-building efforts, I'm launching a newsletter dedicated to all things animal advocacy. The aim is to make resources more accessible for new and existing community members and make our efforts more impactful. 

In each publication, I’ll outline:

  • what’s been going on in the community
  • what topics people are discussing
  • any jobs, funding, or volunteering opportunities
  • useful resources for new and existing community members
  • community profiles, so that you can get to know the community better.

You can view the first edition here and if you like it, subscribe here (thanks a lot to over 100 subscribers already for your support!) This newsletter is public, so please feel free to share with your friends and on your social media pages - any share will potentially be super impactful! Some new subscribers have kindly shared it with their animal advocacy organisations - this is a great idea to enable your colleagues with news and information! I'm hoping to attract new community members, so please do share with people outside the movement, if they are interested in animal advocacy.


Who am I and why am I doing this?

My name is Sofia Balderson and I’ve been doing animal advocacy-related projects for over four years. I worked at Veganuary as a Project Manager, did pro-bono consulting for Equalia ONG and We Animals Media, ran a project for Rethink Priorities, and I am currently helping a number of EA organisations with fundraising.

I am very passionate about community building in animal advocacy and I’d like to start this project to help new and current community members connect, and stay abreast of the latest news, resources, and funding, regardless of whether they already have a job in the movement or not. My aim is to grow the animal advocacy community and help maximise our joint impact by building meaningful connections. As David Nash mentioned in his recent post and also here, there is a gap in effective animal advocacy community building and I aim to address this gap.

In fact, I'd like to thank David Nash from EA UK for suggesting this idea - I borrowed the Newsletter layout from the EA UK Newsletter :) Any mistakes are of course my own. 

I’m planning on doing many activities such as a community platform or events. I decided to start with this monthly newsletter!

I haven’t received any funding for this project, so if you’d like to support it, please consider donating here (any amount matters!) or email me at impactfulanimalgroup@gmail.com about donation options.

If you'd like me to mention something about your work in the next edition, please send an email to impactfulanimalgroup@gmail.com 

Thanks, everyone!

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I thought Jamie Harris was doing something very similar? I think it was also his personal newsletter with curated content. Worth checking if you'll not be going to double the efforts of something already done, or maybe you two could do something together? Always worth checking what's going on. 

Also, I am not sure about the name, since it seems like it supposes to be a community newsletter, but sounds more like it's Sofia's newsletter, with personal recommendations of things. I just feel what is very good about EA Newsletter is that it's actually built by the community (we submit the content for it every month). While this newsletter is a bit more similar to Lewis Bollard's newsletter, where a person is recommending and summarizing stuff. Would maybe then change the name? But maybe not, whatever works. 

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