I've been made aware of a role that would be an excellent fit for the right EA researcher. What frameworks do we have available to inform the community about that job?




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I would love a form to do this.

The best route I've found is the facebook group EA job postings.

Hello Ben! 

I manage the 80,000 Hours job board–I was on leave which is why I didn't reply earlier. As people already noted, I think the best thing to do when you discover a good role is to post it on the EA jobs facebook group.

Unfortunately, we're sticking to the policy of asking people not to contact us about particular vacancies. I understand this can be frustrating or come across as inefficient. But it's actually a compromise we have to make in order to keep the resources we expend on the board to a level we think is cost effective. 

If in the future we end up setting up a system for people to submit specific roles to us, this section of our FAQ would be updated with that.

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Related: I have also recommended it be possible to submit specific research questions to Effective Thesis, but never heard back. Submitting EA-relevant positions to 80,000 hours seems like another great tool. +1

The job in question, for those curious:


PostDoc Position on The Science of Well-Being at Yale


Dr. Laurie Santos in the Department of Psychology at Yale University is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate to start by June 1, 2021. The ideal candidate will have a PhD in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Behavioral Science, or a related field; research interests in positive psychology; a strong background in statistics and data science; and experience working with adolescents and adults in school settings. This is a one-year appointment with possibility of renewal for additional years based on mutual agreement and University approval. 


The position is part of a broad grant-funded initiative launched in 2020 to develop and test instructional programming on the science of well-being for a number of different populations: high school students (especially those from rural and low-income schools), teachers, and parents. The position will involve developing research studies to evaluate the impact of these instructional resources, as well as the option to develop other research projects on the science of well-being more broadly. The successful candidate is expected to (1) lead the evaluation and research components of this initiative, scientifically assessing whether these resources improve participant mental health and overall flourishing; (2) consult with the course development team as an in-house subject matter expert; and (3) work closely with our partner institutions, including high schools, nonprofits, universities, and professional organizations.  


Desired Skills and Qualifications: 

  • PhD in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Behavioral Science, or related field 
  • Research experience and publications in positive psychology, as well as education, social psychology, behavioral change, or related domains 
  • Extensive experience in statistical and data analytic techniques 
  • Research, teaching and/or clinical experience with adolescent populations 
  • Experience collaborating with middle/high school teachers and/or administrators 
  • Experience navigating and manipulating very large datasets from diverse sources 
  • Expertise in relevant technologies (eg. Qualtrics, Excel, Google Sheets, Tableau, R, SQL, Python, Tableau) 
  • Some experience with psychology course design and development 
  • Comfort working both independently and collaboratively on a small cross-functional team of experts and non-experts 
  • Mission-driven and a team player 
  • Basic working knowledge of the US education system 


Applicants should send an email to Laurie Santos at laurie.santos@yale.edu with the subject line “Postgraduate Research Associate Application” and include the following items. 

  1. CV 
  2. Links to portfolio and/or relevant work samples 
  3. Statement of why you are interested in this role and why you are the right person for it (max 300 words) 


Yale University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.  We especially encourage women, members of minority groups, persons with disabilities, and covered veterans to apply. 

I would share this in Effective Altruism Job Postings on Facebook, as Nathan mentioned, as well as in Effective Altruism, Mental Health and Happiness on Facebook  and with Happier Lives Institute. HLI runs the EA Mental Health and Happiness Facebook group.