Added January 2015: As I no longer have time to keep both posts updated, all further updates will be made to the version of this post hosted on my personal blog; the version here is now archived and won't be updated.

Added January 2017: The list has now become—check it out!

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What follows is a list of blogs of potential interest to effective altruists. I tried to include all blogs that either feature EA content on a regular basis or are officially linked to an existing EA organization. If you think I'm missing something, please let me know.




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I think this is a good place to reiterate that I'm interested in beginning an EA blogging carnival where each month, somebody picks a theme and everybody blogs about that theme.

If there's enough interest, I'll pick a topic for Jan 1 submissions.

Richard Yetter Chappell ran the Philosophers' Carnival for many years. I believe he is a member of Giving What We Can and is sympathetic to EA ideas. You may want to contact him for advice.

I'd also be interested.

I'd be interested.

I'd be interested.

I'd be interested.

JLUK Chris Hallquist, Catriona Mackay, Greg Lewis and Ben Kuhn links don't work.

Thanks. As noted in the update, this list is no longer updated. Please see

Thanks, I actually didn't know about some of these.

Here are some new organisational blogs added on Pablo's site:

  • AI Impacts
  • Animal Ethics
  • Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
  • Charity Entrepreneurship
  • Effective Altruism UNSW
  • Foundational Research Institute
  • GBS Switzerland
  • Global Catastrophic Risk Institute
  • Intentional Insights
  • Open Philanthropy Project
  • Sentience Politics
  • Stiftung für Effektiven Altruismus

Cool! Will posts on these appear in the "Recent on EA Blogs" sidebar? That would save having to set up a subscription.

Hi Larks. In the sidebar, we include, in no particular order: Slate Star Codex (rationality posts only) Reflective Disequilibrium GiveWell Blog 80,000 Hours Blog Good Ventures blog CFAR blog Giving Gladly Blog (Julia Wise) Jeff Kaufman (Giving posts only)

When we included more external posts, people said that it obscured important posts about effective altruism, so I'm pretty happy with this list the way it is.

If you want an RSS feed of more EA blogs, it's here

Thanks. That list seems to be a copy of the one I created originally, plus a few additions, which I've now incorporated.

The Jess Whittlestone link doesn't work either.

Fixed. Thanks!

The Roxanne Heston link doesn't work.