[Link] "The AI Timelines Scam"

by Milan_Griffes1 min read11th Jul 20192 comments



On LessWrong, where there are some good comments: https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/KnQs55tjxWopCzKsk/the-ai-timelines-scam

The fear is that Others (DeepMind, China, whoever) will develop AGI soon, so We have to develop AGI first in order to make sure it's safe, because Others won't make sure it's safe and We will. Also, We have to discuss AGI strategy in private (and avoid public discussion), so Others don't get the wrong ideas. (Generally, these claims have little empirical/rational backing to them; they're based on scary stories, not historically validated threat models) 
The claim that others will develop weapons and kill us with them by default implies a moral claim to resources, and a moral claim to be justified in making weapons in response.