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Just one per person, please. Choose carefully. (If you can't choose, here's a random number generator.)

This thread follows in the footsteps of the creative writing contest — I'm not sure any individual meme qualifies, but we can celebrate all forms of EA art here. And maybe the best memes could themselves be the seeds of short stories?




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My favorite is elegant, emotionally weighty, and intensely relatable:

(Original post.)

I know how to turn this into a cool story. I'm going to try. If I end up giving up, I will post the idea as a reply to this comment.

I'm still not entirely sure if I'm going to write this. I didn't do it when I was freer, and now work is piling up fast. If someone wants to write something inspired from this meme and is curious about what I had in mind PM me.

I'm not sure if this counts as a meme, but the satirical Centre for Applied Eschatology website is amazingly clever and funny.

I saw this when it was shared (to much laughter and reactions) here on the Dank EA Memes FB group.

I like the idea, but I think this would be better without specific assertions of effectiveness. Very few people will agree that MIRI is 180% and ALLFED is 240% as effective as GiveDirectly, for example (many people would say much higher; many people would say much lower), and this assertion is totally unnecessary for the value of this image.

Good point, but I don't see how you can produce a version of this meme without specific assertions of effectiveness of each of the interventions (without killing the funny) . Alas, it did not pass peer review.
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