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TL;DR: EA for Jews is hiring its first staff (initially part-time), including a Managing Director and several other paid and voluntary roles - apply here or refer someone here for a $100 bonus. 


Effective Altruism for Jews is a global community of Jews coming together to help tackle the world’s most pressing problems effectively and share EA ideas within our Jewish communities. 

For the past year, our founding members have been volunteering their time to build the organisation from scratch and secure initial funding. Now we're looking to grow our team with our first ever paid staff (part-time) and exciting new volunteer positions, taking us to the next level by developing exciting programs and building deeper connections with Jewish and EA communities around the world. 

By joining the team, you will have the opportunity to shape a young, growing organisation, build your skills, and contribute to the project of effective altruism! 

Key details

  • We are recruiting for each of these roles, each described in greater detail here:
    • Managing Director (7-20 hrs/wk)
    • Fellowship Lead (3-10 hrs/wk)
    • Community Manager (3-10 hrs/wk)
    • Communications Lead (3-10 hrs/wk)
    • Resources Lead (3-10 hrs/wk)
  • We are also recruiting volunteers to support (rather than lead) one or more of the above teams (see here); with even 1-2 hrs/wk you can make a big contribution to our work
  • All positions are part-time for now (starting in summer), and full-time is possible in future
  • All positions are remote with flexible working hours
  • For paid roles, compensation will be in the range of $15-25 USD per hour, depending on the role, previous experience and other factors
  • Initial contracts are for 6 months, with plans to seek further funding

You can help by applying or referring people to us! 

  • Apply here by May 22, 11:59 EST
  • Know someone who should apply? Use this form to refer them - we offer a $100 bonus if you refer someone we end up hiring (conditions apply)

Please reach out with any questions to shalom@eaforjews.org




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This is hilarious; I was literally thinking yesterday that we should be reaching out to the Orthodox/Modern Orthodox Jewish community, and was going to write a post on that today! Happy to know this already exists :)

May I ask what your long-term plans are?

Hi Yitz! Our long term plan -- a very high level -- is to (1) do outreach to Jewish communities and spread EA ideas to those communities, and (2) to build a community of Jews involved in EA.  We currently have a number of projects in the works including EA fellowships and materials aimed at different Jewish audiences (including different denominations as well as demographics such as for b'nai mitzvah age Jews).  I'll send you a DM with more info and my calendly if you'd like to learn more!  

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