Applications for EAGxRotterdam just OPENED! Apply to join us in the Netherlands for a weekend of talks, workshops, plenty of time for networking, and other fun things, from November 4th till 6th. 

EAGxRotterdam will bring together ambitious individuals in order to work on solving the world’s most pressing problems. This conference is an opportunity to create new connections and learn more about EA with topics suitable for everyone.

Who is this conference for?

Are you a critical thinker, do you enjoy debating, do you like meeting new people and do you want to do good?

Then EAGxRotterdam is the conference for you! It is for everyone who: 

  • Feels aligned with the core ideas of effective altruism
  • Has actively engaged with the EA community
  • Is eager to learn more about EA!

We encourage everyone described here to apply. If you’re unsure about whether to apply, err on the side of applying.

If you have any questions regarding applications or anything else related don’t hesitate to write to

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and apply, see you in Rotterdam!

-The organising Team :)





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Hi! Maybe I'm missing it but I can't seem to find the venue for this - where will it be? Thanks :) 

hi Vicky, we recently announced it! The conference will take place at Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam, Beursplein 37, Meent 110, 3011 AA Rotterdam

Exciting! Can't wait to welcome everyone in Rotterdam!

There's been a lot of community building happening in the Netherlands lately, very excited for this!

So excited so see an EAGx in my birth city! Looking forward to meeting you there.

I could not imagine this when we were planning to start the first EA group in the Netherlands and meeting the co-initiators in person for the first time in - of all places - Rotterdam. This was back in December 2013.

The title should be Rotterdam instead of Rottedam :)

Edited to add: Thanks for fixing!

Looking forward to welcoming everyone in Rotterdam! 

Will there be opportunities for people to pitch new ideas? (as in: for orgs or initiatives)

Yes, there will be the opportunity for that !

will add this opportunity to the EA opportunity board!

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