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Why doesn't the EA forum have curated posts or sequences?

by richard_ngo1 min read21st Mar 201918 comments



The EA forum (and LessWrong) are both structured primarily as a newsfeed of posts sorted by date. This caters well to immediate engagement, but is much worse for building up a repository of knowledge which is accessible and relevant over a long time period. LessWrong 2.0 has (to some extent) managed to avoid this problem by having a) curated content, so that people don't have to look at literally everything which is posted, and b) sequences which store great posts in a format that makes them easily accessible a long time afterwards. The EA forum has neither. This makes it rather frustrating to try to use it to build on existing intellectual progress, as I recently found out while reviewing forum posts on career advice. Why don't we have any mechanisms for ensuring good content lasts, and what can be done about this? (Even just a blanket 'curate everything above x karma' strategy would help, while requiring very little moderator effort. EDIT: I actually no longer believe this last part, I think the key thing is collating material from across the internet.)

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Update from CEA:

We've been planning to implement "collections of recommended reading" (name not yet finalized) since the Forum was launched (see "core series of posts" here).

As Habryka mentioned in his comment, we're bottlenecked on developer time, but the most important factor behind our pushing back the timeline was Max's move from being the head of CEA's Content team to becoming our interim Executive Director.

Max had been leading the charge to make "collections" happen, and his move dropped our content team from two people to one (myself). For the first few months of this year, I've been prioritizing existing content projects over new features that are content-intensive.

Still, we think that a "collection" feature would be very valuable, and we do intend for it to exist on the Forum at some point (though I can't yet commit to a specific release date). I have an initial "introduction to EA" collection in the works, and I look forward to seeing what other people build when the feature goes live.

Meanwhile, if anyone is champing at the bit to create EA reading lists, you could publish your list in a post and ask for community feedback. That would give you a head start on making a collection when that becomes an option!