I want to share a game with you that changed my life. Making this game, Do Animals Dream?, has helped me interrogate my own biases on animal welfare and ultimately led me to changing my diet. I made this game with my best friend from middle school Matthew, and he has become vegan as a result of making the game too.

The game has tons of cute animals to chat with in branching dialogue, several different endings based on player choices, and fun quests to do on the island! But behind that cute surface is a dark secret that the player needs to uncover as they piece together the truth about what happened to them.

We would really appreciate your thoughts on the game and how we should approach making games like this in the future. It's a difficult balance between creating great gameplay that people will enjoy playing and writing a memorable story with a message that people will connect with. Any feedback would be super helpful since we are still trying to improve it!

Email doanimalsdreamgame@gmail.com for a free version of game.

We will launch the game on steam on June 15th!

(It really helps if you add the game to your 'wishlist' on steam)


Thanks for any help!




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oh this looks ADORABLE. love the animal crossing feel - will definitely check out and probably ask others to take a look too :)

Okay just finished it! Took ~1.5 hours for 1 full playthrough and 1 'skip-to-end' playthrough.

Again, want to emphasize that the person I played this with was in charge of making the choices and maybe not super representative of average population lol

Hmm, build -54 doesn't work. I downloaded one version today which closes immediately upon opening while -52, which I downloaded yesterday, does open.

I'll start playing the older version first!

Hey Miranda, just responded to your email but wanted to put a message here for all to see: Please email doanimalsdreamgame@gmail.com and I'll send you a copy. - The latest version only works via steam right now as we added achievements to the game. Thanks again for checking it out!

How long does it take to play through this game?

It takes about 1-2 hours to complete.

Oh, this seems fun! I'll certainly be playtesting it in the coming days (it's also been added to my wish-list).

Thank you so much! Wishlists help a lot!

ooooo ill check it out

Thank you! Let me know what you think :)

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